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Søby Shipyard

PragerShip is an officially appointed shipyard representative of Søby Shipyard, which is located at the heart of the Baltic Sea on Ærø Island, Denmark. Shiprepair, rebuilding or newbuilding, efficient high quality works from certified family business backed by about 100 years of experience. One stop only, at Søby Shipyard all required disciplines are at hand, whether steel processing, engine specialists or carpenters. Zero distances but long working hours, time does matter to put back your vessel quickly into service. Entrepreneurs in development of carbon-free ship propulsion technologies, such as full electric, hydrogen and biomethanol. Søby Shipyard's and PragerShip's cooperation innovates sustainable sea transport. Try us:

PragerShip – a matter of trust.


Netaman Repair Group

PragerShip is officially appointed representative of Netaman Repair Group, of Tallinn, Estonia. In the world of today, where time is the most precious resource, their mission is to provide high-quality ship repair services in an effective and timely manner. Everything they do is based on their core values – honesty, quality, and safety. Netaman Repair Group has been in business since more than two decades and has severally proven to be a most reliable shiprepair partner since 2004 already. Never shy away from challenges and with clear spot to make the process of ship repair easier, more transparent and quicker for the ship owners and customers. Try us:

PragerShip – a matter of trust.

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