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PragerShip is your specialized

shipbroker for dry cargo merchant ships such as container vessels,

bulk carriers, singledeckers, multipurpose ships and offshore equipment.

In today’s business and trade trust and respect is of utmost importance. Personal integrity and experience are vital, as today’s decisions lead to wide-ranging consequences. We help you make your visions become reality.

Candid communication and an honest opinion are what our clients have come to expect and esteem of PragerShip. Our aim is professionalism in all dealings between selected partners, thus creating highly dependable business relationships. There is no better measure of success than satisfied business partners – particularly for a profitable future.

PragerShip is Henning Prager and his team - more than three decades experience in shipping, by far more than 20 years in shipbroking. Founded in the year 2000 the company is comitted to the business and successful for over a two decades meantime.

PragerShip – a matter of trust.

An- und Verkauf

Sale & Purchase

Success - Heart and core

PragerShip procures merchant ships on a national and international basis. We are your gateway for success in the world of international merchant shipping.

Arranging sales and purchases of seagoing merchant ships for our clients is the heart of PragerShip’s business. For over two decades we have acted as independent shipbrokers between sellers and buyers to the complete satisfaction of both. Our clients trust us, appreciate our full-range service because our knowledge and experience proves them right - daily.

Whether you intend to sell a vessel or purchase a new or used one, we at PragerShip gladly offer our services to your advantage.

PragerShip – a matter of trust.



For special services

You have committed yourself to a long term charter, a freight contract or intend to renew your fleet but there is nothing suitable available in the 2nd hand market? PragerShip locates the best national or international shipyard to construct a new ship to fulfil your obligations.

Sometimes our clients need a specific vessel, one not currently obtainable on the 2nd hand market. You may have special goods to transport, have very specific requirements, which no existing vessel meets. In that case a new ship has to be contracted.

PragerShip assists you in developing the project, locates the most suitable shipyard and involves the right naval architects for your preferred design. Of course we also find the right partners for own equity and bank financing. It is all about associates, connecting you to companies helping you finish your project successfully.

PragerShip – a matter of trust.



Gaining perspective

Even under the most difficult market conditions PragerShip will find you the best. Be it your own ship or a crisis-proof time charter.

Managing your own tonnage is one way to cover long-term sea transport - yet not always the most efficient solution. New developments in an ever changing market need quick and flexible reactions, often best served by time charter. If you require a long-term charter for your fleet: Please contact us, we will check your needs and assist in finding the optimal solution.

Just rely on our know-how and experience with long-term and short-term charters, PragerShip is your one-stop answer to everything sea-faring.

PragerShip – a matter of trust.


Shipyard Representative

Repaired - Rebuilt - Retreated

Thanks to our personal customer relations and worldwide shipping network, PragerShip is a desired business partner for shipyard representation. We are pleased to connect shipping companies with our partner shipyards and arrange attractive offers for the full range of shipyard services, such as class works, engine overhaulings, dockings, unexpected repairs, rebuildings, steel constructions or fitting of ballast water treatment systems. Please try us!

Søby Shipyard

Netaman Repair Group

PragerShip – a matter of trust.



Value added

Everybody who owns, manages, seeks or offers vessels wants to know the market value: PragerShip examines and appraises the commercial aspects of a ship’s value.

An incorrect market view is worse than fatal. Today’s wrong decisions will burden your future investments.

Besides technical inspections of a ship you and your partners, shareholders, banks, insurances need honest, dependable commercial assessment to evaluate the value of

your venture. Our precise and reliable review safeguards your interests now and in the future.

Improve your predicted returns with PragerShip’s appraisals.

PragerShip – a matter of trust.



Positively related

PragerShip knows the people you need – our select contacts and business partners benefit all parties involved. Now and in the future.

Personal relationships are frequently more important than technical data. Knowing the right people means being a step ahead of your competition. PragerShip’s aim is to find the best partner for your needs so you can realise your business idea profitably.

On behalf of our clients we take partnership literally: PragerShip looks for win-win situations. Only these are advantageous to all in the long run, therefore fertile.

PragerShip – a matter of trust.



PragerShip Maritime GmbH & Co. KG

An der Alster 30

20099 Hamburg


phn  +49 40 63856878-0

fax   +49 40 6385687828

email: (sale & purchase, projects, newbuildings)

email: (chartering)

email: (shipyard representative)

email: (administration)

PragerShip – a matter of trust.

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